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Entrepreneurship and Business Development

Corporación GEInnova is an organization that welcomes entrepreneurs and interacts with them with the objective of creating networks of cooperation and social and business innovation at the national and Latin American level to promote social entrepreneurship and business, increase the business fabric, strengthen social organizations, incubation and acceleration of companies.

Established to promote the creation of sustainable social organizations and innovative enterprises in the Department of Chocó, contributing to the articulation of new and innovative businesses, promoting the culture of entrepreneurship and training of social and business entrepreneurs that contribute to regional transformation, social and business development of the region.

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Success Stories

I am Jorge Olivo Marmolejo García, founder of AgroUrbano. A company that offers specialized products and services for the development of organic and ecological agriculture, in the countryside and in the city. Our company was incubated by the GEInnova Corporation, who from its early stages contributed to the conception and development of our initiative. In addition, it provided us with accompaniment and support in the processing of the patent of the vertical structure that serves for the production of fresh food within the city, in peri-urban areas and even in rural areas, which we call AHRU Rural Urban Vegetable Tree or AHRU Gardens.

Jorge Marmolejo, CEO AgroUrbano

Why Choose Us

15 Years of Experience
The GEInnova Corporation has more than 15 years of experience promoting entrepreneurship and business development, as well as projects and companies in the Department of Chocó.  
Expert Team
At Corporación GEInnova we have a team of experts with extensive experience in business incubation, who provide their services to entrepreneurs and companies.  
Intervention Approach
GEInnova Corporation as a Business Incubator, focuses mainly on the entrepreneur, who is our reason for being, which allows us to generate greater awareness.  

Our Organization's Impact Figures

People have trained with us
Structured your business models
Companies incubated by the organization
Strengthened their business models


Corporación GEInnova has been an important support for our initiative, contributing in its conception, business model development, promotion and implementation. 

Bulupegi & Co
Bulupegi & Co Custom Web Development

The GEInnova Corporation has promoted our project from its early stages, helping us to shape every aspect of the project, which has been an important advantage for its development and start-up. 

Meeting Media
Meeting Media Business Directory

We are an initiative of the GEInnova Corporation designed to support entrepreneurs and companies in the Department of Chocó to boost their business through the Internet.  

Chocó Emprende
Chocó Emprende Promoting Entrepreneurship